Thursday, 8 December 2016

Who We Are - Human Growth And Development

We have now finished the 'Getting Started' phase of our current unit of inquiry and will continue to investigate, make connections and go further after the Christmas holidays. You can click on the link, below, to see the evidence of student understanding we will be looking for at each stage of the unit of inquiry.
The Inquiry process students engage with at Seisen Elementary School during their units of inquiry

Click here for the Grade 5 - Who We Are Learning Intentions
 (Central Idea - Changes people experience during adolescence can affect their evolving sense of self.)

Sunday, 4 December 2016

5B-PE-Exploring in the Adventure Challenge Unit

Journeying across an ocean on a small raft with minimal supplies? Steering a Shinkansen train while leading 4 blindfolded people in front of you? Untangling a human knot of 4-5 people? Sounds challenging!! 

Learning Objective: In the PE Adventure Challenge Unit students are learning how to embrace challenges, work cooperatively with others and overcome adversity when things don't go well. 

Students were given different tasks throughout the unit to work through and overcome in small groups.  We discussed outlook and perspective quite a bit as working in small groups with different personalities takes patience, a positive attitude and willingness to listen to others.  

Friday, 2 December 2016

Grade 5 is Growing in Their Learning

We have finally come to the month of December. Only two more weeks left of learning before winter break. We can finally say how much the students have grown in their learning and more.

Unit 2 - Unit of Inquiry

How We Organize Ourselves

Global Food Production

Central Idea: People have developed systems for producing and distributing food around the world

Grade 5 completed Global Food Production unit. Partners took used the SOLO Taxonomy rubric to compose a Google slides presentation as their summative assessment. In a mock scenario, one partner acted as the minister of agriculture and the other acted as minister of transportation to propose a sustainable practice to their target audience.

Unit 3 - Unit of Inquiry

Who We Are

Growth and Development

Central Idea: Changes people experience during adolescence affect their evolving sense of self.

Students are moving forward to learning about their physical, emotional, social, and intellectual changes. Their curiosities sparked while they participated in tuning-in activities with their groups.

Jigsaw Graphic Organizer
Groups wrote directly on the puzzle pieces what they knew about physical, emotional, social, and intellectual changes. The graphic organizer gives students a visual understanding how these changes are connected to each other.

“What if…”

  • …..people didn’t go through puberty until the age of 25?
  • …..all emotions stopped at the age of 13?
  • ….all the changes that happen in puberty happened on the day of your tenth birthday?
  • ….nobody taught us about the changes that would happen to us during adolescence?
  • ….adults thought in the same ways as a nine-year-old?

Students were highly engaged writing and discussing about the possible consequences.


Success Criteria: Use functions to solve problems.

Learning Intention: Write and solve algebraic equation word problems using inverse operations.

Each student created a word problem for classmates to solve.

“I’m thinking of a number. I (insert operation here) by (insert number here) and then (insert operation here) (insert number here). The answer is (insert number here).”

Parent and Seisen Staff Participation to Aid Student Learning and Connection

Parents and Seisen staff, please access the to post a photo of you when you were 9~11 years old with a mini story of your experience as an adolescent.

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